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Hi, My name is Andrew. I’m professional designer. My professional experience is over 7 years. Individual approach to each client, non-standard design solutions, high quality design, responsible attitude and on-time fulfillment of any orderare the basic principles of my work. Just working only in the positive and qualitative results, responsibly and accurately. I create design for user interfaces: desktop-applications, software, web services, mobile devices, social networking, e-commerce; site design; design splash screen. I design colorful and modern icons for iOS, and other platform; worked out usability interfaces; designed logos, characters; design of printed products.

I follow the quote below as it like my main rule and try to bring high attention to detail to every step of the way. Move ahead to the future and build up the useful products, which people like is the most impotent for me.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. © Albert Einstein

In this page below you will find helpful information about how we shall cooperate and communicate. You will find the price lists, briefs, and FAQ there. I’m trying to touch all points according my workflow process.



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I not look for easy ways with the customer needs. Always trying to use my knowledge and experience to carefully craft a plan that’ll help me build up an awesome products.



I try to perform every project so that as though do it for myself. Every element has to find its place, its color and its correlation to others. That is my point and my goal.




Icon Design

At the last time icons becomes something like cherry on the peak to the cream of application. From small icon user gets information much faster than from verbal expressions and messages. Icon is a language-independent message prima facie. It’s amazing world of icons start be a different, independent part of digital art. Let’s add a couple icons to this world!


Web Design

Today every supervisor knows that company has to have own Website. Your Website it is your virtual assistant. It works for you every day, and even at nights when you sleep or rest. It answers any question of your clients, it shows the best sides of your business, it protects you and your business. Your Website it is your advertising manager. It boosts the image of you and your company.


iOS Apps Design

It is hard to believe that today, the modern people can go without smart-phones or tablets. How does to represent information need for your more colorful and interesting on “grey” information background? You need build up the Apps! And we are ready to help you in it. Now, when Apps had been building we are able to perform it so colorful and interesting as you want.


Logotype Design

If you produce good product or service and want to promote it on market then your company-producer has to be recognized. You cannot do it without logotype. We are ready to help you in it as well.



Collaboration between numbers, letters and shapes is creating amazing schemes with understanding tons of information. Whos is bigger, whats is longer and how to make step 1,2,3, for different ages, cultures and languages.



Usually, before starting graphic design on computer I do freehand sketch of my ideas on usual paper using usual pencils and eraser. The brilliant game of line thickness, shading and forms build up characters, logos or schemes by them self.



Do you have discounts?
  • 15-20% discount if you order more than one project or bring one or more customers.
  • 25% discount if you bring one or more customers.
  • up to 50% if you choose ready-made design, but not approved, with its further refinement to your requirements. The exact discount is calculated after reading the brief.
Do you provide several versions of design to choose from?

During the process I will send you 2 free sketches. Make the necessary improvements. Each additional sketch (after first 2 sketches) will have plus 20% from total cost.

How can I receive price quote?

For more information and quotes please contact me.

How long?

The time for design is as individual as the cost. If we are talking about the design of the iOS app interface or web-site, the approximate for the development of the general concept (design of the main screen or home page) takes 2-3 days, depend on the final terms:

  • The complexity of completions (from several hours to one / two days).
  • Need for icons (drawing sketches, study general style – 1-3 days 1-8 + hours per icon).
  • Number of internal pages / windows (from several hours to days 10-14).

If it is necessary to further study and usability, the time may increase from 1-2 to 14 days, it all depends on the complexity of the project.

How receive results?

After total invoice I will transfer the files by Dropbox, Megauploader, or by E-mails.

How the process workflow looks like?
  • You send me brief and specification for design. If you don’t have specification, we can restrict filling corresponding brief, but much details.
  • Clarify items, the volume of work, cost and time for design.
  • Prepayment (Without prepayment I don’t start any projects).
  • Wireframe design.
  • During the process I will send you 2 free sketches. Make the necessary improvements. Each additional sketch (after first 2 sketches) will have plus 20% from total cost.  All materials I will send you in JPG or GIF formats.
  • 100% payment of the order or any part thereof, The sources files will be transferred only after full payment order / stage in formats PSD, AI, with divided by named groups layers.
How we start our projects?

Before starting design you will have to pay part (50%) of the design cost (according to price list accepted by mutual consent).

How we will communicate?
  • by E-mail andrixdesign{at}gmail.com. (recommended)
  • by Skype (contact me andrixdesign).
  • by iMassages (contact me andrixdesign{at}gmail.com)
  • by Contact form (recommended)
Payment options?

I accept PayPal or Skrill payment systems only.

What I don’t do for you?
  • Do not any tests. The portfolio contain enough to clarify the level of quality and experience to decision on cooperation.
  • I do not accept comments during the workflow from several people. You must be a project coordinator. This is necessary for the most efficient fulfillment of your order.
  • I don’t do it for FREE and without prepayments.